Non-Adversarial Divorce Mediation & Collaboration

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Method Of Dispute Resolution

If lack of communication is the reason my spouse and I are getting divorced, how are we supposed to be able to mediate or collaborate?

With the support of skilled and creative collaborative attorneys or an effective mediator, you will be surprised at the results you and your spouse can achieve.

Child Support

How do I know how much child support I will receive or have to pay?

In Connecticut, child support is calculated in accordance with the Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines take into account the needs of each child and the ability of each parent to pay support based primarily on the income of each parent.

Difficult Questions

Since my spouse had an affair during our marriage, wouldn’t it be better for me to litigate?

In general, affairs do not play a significant role in the outcome of court orders. If the affair was the cause of the marital breakdown, the court may consider it when making decisions about alimony and property division.  However, through mediation or collaboration, the same issues often can be addressed in a more healthy and productive manner.


Is it advantageous or disadvantageous to be the one to file for divorce?

The person who files a lawsuit is known as the Plaintiff in the case, while the person against whom the case is filed is known as the Defendant. The word “defendant” tends to carry with it a negative connotation. However, in family matters, the court makes neither positive nor negative assumptions about the person who files the case.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter which spouse files.


How is alimony calculated?

Unlike child support, there is no formula used to calculate alimony. Rather, the court will consider the unique circumstances of each case. Considerations such as the length of marriage, amount of income earned by each spouse, as well as other sources of income, vocational skills, employability, occupations, the cause of the marital breakdown, each spouse’s age, health, and needs and child care responsibilities will be taken into account.